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- Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

I whole hearted-ly believe in Dr. Suzuki's core ideal that important character traits may be acquired through learning the violin. The dedication, commitment, persistence, and creativity it takes to play an instrument well, continues to enhance every aspect of a persons' life, long after lessons have ended. Just as necessary: humility, patience, understanding and tolerance can be learned through involvement within a like-minded community, such as group lessons and recitals.


Because we are developing much more than just violin technique, importance must be placed on the process of learning instead of a finish line. Essentially, I want my students to understand, how to learn through tackling the everyday obstacles of learning to play the violin at a high level. By mastering practice techniques such as repetition, problem solving, and experimentation, students are able to gain satisfaction and confidence by overcoming difficult challenges and expressing themselves through music. At the same time enormous effort is placed on allowing the student to keep an open mind by creating a positive and non-judgmental environment.


My goal as a violin and viola teacher is to help my students play their instrument to their highest ability. We establish ideal mental and physical habits from the very first lesson: Posture, remaining tension-free. tone production and left hand organization are stressed. Studies include Suzuki repertoire, exercises, etudes and additional pieces catered to each individual students' needs.

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